“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour.”

– Rumi

Are you tired of living within the confinements of an emotional origami, where each fold represents the self-imposed limitations that hold you back from experiencing genuine happiness and fulfillment? I understand this struggle because I’ve navigated those intricate folds myself.

For the longest time, I was unaware of the emotional origami shaping my life—those crumpled layers of shame, guilt, and self-doubt. But then, an extraordinary realization dawned upon me: I am enough. That epiphany acted as a delicate touch, smoothing out the creases and unfolding the door to liberation and empowerment.

Today, my aim is to support others in their journey to transform their emotional origami, freeing themselves from the weight of past struggles. No one deserves to remain ensnared within the confines of their folded beliefs, and observing such distress deeply resonates with me. My sincerest hope is that you find solace, liberation, and empowerment as we navigate the intricate art of unfolding.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the intricate folds of your emotional origami. We’ll trace each fold to its origin, release the old patterns, and gently re-create new beliefs—just like smoothing out the crumpled paper to reveal a clear canvas. Each fold signifies growth and the emergence of a transformed you.

Step away from the crumpled confines of your emotional origami and step into a world where your authentic and empowered self-shines brilliantly. Embrace the liberation that comes with understanding that you are enough, and let the untapped potential within you unfold. Together, let’s rewrite the story of your life and create a masterpiece filled with serenity, joy, and endless possibilities.


Working with clients who struggle with depression, self-doubt, and debilitating shame and guilt. Addiction, fears and phobias.




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I recently had an RTT® session with Wajeeha and it was truly transformative. Despite my initial skepticism about hypnotherapy, Wajeeha completely changed my perspective. Her soothing voice instantly put me at ease, and I felt comfortable opening up during the session. The experience was eye-opening, and even memories I had forgotten resurfaced afterward. The recording she provided was a valuable gift that I eagerly listened to every day. Over time, I noticed subtle but significant shifts in my well-being. Wajeeha’s expertise and compassion have had a profound impact on my life, and I highly recommend her as an RTT® Practitioner. She has a remarkable gift for guiding others towards healing and growth. 

– E Holmes (May 2023)

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