Sarah F

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Wayne Dyer

In my practice of Rapid Transformational Therapy I welcome you with open arms. I’m thrilled to join and assist you in viewing your life through a new lens, feeling unencumbered, and in celebration of being the best version of YOU! I am so passionate about RTT because I know it works, it healed my life and set me free. It is my mission and calling from deep in my heart to change lives, and I’m certain I’m in the right space to take you through this transformative experience! I want you to feel understood, to help take the weight off your shoulders, and release blocks, pain and suffering. I am a safe haven, a born uplifter, insightful, empathetic, deeply caring, understanding, loving, determined and optimistic.


Confidence, Self Esteem, Lack of Connection, Fear of Visibility, Emotional & Money Blocks, Pain Relief, Sleep Issues, Stress/Relaxation




Larkspur, California, United States of America
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Having a hypnotherapy session with Sarah is a blessing in itself. She is thorough and detailed when she addresses the issue I have, making sure that she gets to the bottom of things. The gentleness in her voice soothes me and assures me of the safe space that my subconscious needs. Not only does her every word speak to my heart and address my issue at hand, Sarah also has the exceptional ability to guide me to see the root of my problem. She also explains how it comes about which provides the clarity I have been looking for. Her insight, guidance and intuition in the therapy session has totally changed my perspective about myself, gifting me the illuminating A-Ha moment that is life-changing. And now, I look forward to the amazing changes that will unfold in my life because of her help. What gets better than this?

– S.L., Hong Kong

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