“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

– Maya Angelou

My purpose is to empower my clients to break through any subconscious restrictive barriers that are preventing them from achieving their full potential in your career, relationships, or personal life.Through a blend of Mindset Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy®, I am aiming to give you much more than just tools and coping strategies.

Together, we will explore the fundamental principles that govern your subconscious mind and harness its incredible power to transform it into your most trusted and valuable ally. By making your mind your best friend, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way and achieve lasting well-being through emotional resilience.


Building Emotional Resilience
Burnout Prevention & Recovery
Anxiety & Stress Management
Career & Life Transition
Performance & Productivity
Money & Success Mindset


Current Central European Summer Time, Amsterdam ·
UTC/GMT +2 hours
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Single Session Mindset Coaching
60 minutes
EU€220 / NZ$382

Rapid Transformational Therapy®
see programs (Discounts for groups, corporate and government programs)


Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Working globally
Available Online




Free Healing Vortex Hypnosis Audio


 *Half day Workshops:

Money Mindset Mastery:
Overcoming financial fear and negative beliefs about money

Set your mind up for success:
Understanding how the mind works and how to actively collaborate with it to achieve your goals

Price: EU€280 p.p. / NZ$487 p.p.


*1 day or 2x half a day workshops:

Emotional Resilience Workshop:
Setting your mind up to develop unwavering self-trust and handle any situation with equanimity.

Price: EU€560 p.p. / NZ$975 p.p.

Growth Mindset Workshop:
Embracing a growth mindset culture at work and in life

Price: EU€560 p.p. / NZ$975 p.p.


Hynosis Activation Recordings
Activate your healing powers within
Develop self-esteem and self-trust
Manifesting your perfect life
Money Mindset, Abundance
EU€39.90 / NZ$69.90

Activation Guided Meditation Recordings
Meditation for Inner Peace and Balance
Morning meditation for productivity, focus and energy
Guided meditation for restorative sleep
EU€9.95 / NZ$17.50


*6-week Programs for Professionals:

Price: EU€680 p.p. / NZ$1,180

Getting unstuck: From frustration to freedom
Price: EU€680 p.p./ NZ$1,180

*1 to 1 Mindset Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy®:30-Day Breakthrough:Price: EU€780 / NZ$1,350

60-Day Deep-Dive:Price: EU€1,450 / NZ$2,520

90-Day Transformation:Price: EU€1,980 / NZ$3,440


“Working with Renee was like cleansing water running through my veins, draining away everything that made me doubt myself. I have reached a completely new level of absolute clarity inside me, really, everything is suddenly clear to me. My energy level is at an all-time high, at the same time I feel completely balanced and secure inside.”

– Anonymous

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