“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– William Shakespeare

I’ve been on an incredible journey, witnessing first hand the incredible transformation that’s possible when it comes to anxiety and stress. It all started with my daughter’s battle with anxiety, where I discovered a holistic approach that truly works.

You know, I used to think worry was just part of life’s package, but I’ve proven myself wrong. I’ve broken free from those chains, and now I see the potential to help others do the same.

I’ve guided so many women through their own healing journey. Using empathy and insight, we get to the root causes, heal those emotional wounds, and break those negative thought patterns. It’s truly empowering!

I’m here to walk with you on this healing path, to reignite your joy and passion for life. Think of me as your guide to a space where self-love and freedom shine brightly. If you’re ready to break free from anxiety’s grip, let’s embark on this journey together!


Anxiety Disorders (including but not limited to: Social Anxiety, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder & Phobias)


Tuesday – Thursday


From Anxiety to Peace – 60 Day Transformation


Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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Mastering Confidence – Triumph over Self-Doubt


Worry Free Guide


“At the time I met MJ I felt like I was hanging on by a very thin thread, struggling with anxiety and depression on a deep level. It was to the point it was hindering my ability to get through my daily life.

Never in a million years did I believe that after just 3 short months of working together I’d say today I don’t even recognize that girl I was before I met MJ. This woman saved my life.

After our first session I noticed the stomach ache I’d had for the last 27 years of my life was gone. I wasn’t picking my cuticles, or biting the skin off of my lip. My leg wasn’t going to shake off of my body, and I stopped swaying as much. After my second session my mom noticed I’d stopped pacing around the house. A coworker commented that while he didn’t know my back story that I was glowing and my energy was different and to keep doing whatever I was doing.

I recognized my irrational thoughts were just thoughts, not reality. I was able to catch myself thinking catastrophically and redirect myself. I absolutely thought that I was born with anxiety and die with anxiety. That anxiety was part of my identity for life. But I can honestly say today that I don’t have anxiety anymore. I had anxiety. Past tense. It literally blows my mind I’m even saying that. It’s surreal.”

– L.S.

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