“We're human beings being human.”

While I’ve loved my business career, now I’ve found my true self as a Certified Hypnotherapist practicing here in Auckland and via Zoom.  I really love this work.  I love the speed and reliability of the RTT method.  It’s so gentle and yet so powerful and effective.  It gets to the core issue quickly and yet it’s still soft and compassionate.  It’s a real privilege for me to contribute to the lives of others.  So feel free to talk to me about what you really want.  My job is to see what’s hidden that’s been keeping you stuck until now. Then we eliminate it, and, in its place, we create what you want.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly the old way becomes a distant memory that will never effect you in the same way again.  You will get that you’re worth it.


Auckland, New Zealand
Available Online




1pm-9:30pm Weekdays (Mon, Tue, Thu) 10am-3pm Saturdays NZDT


Working with clients who feel stuck with unwanted habits (smoking, drinking etc) self-limiting behaviours (anger, motivation), low self-esteem, negative self-talk, and those suffering with fears and anxieties




RTT – Consultation session, main session, recording, + 2x short progress check-ins


Mike has an innate ability to connect with his clients on a profound level. You feel at ease, as he creates a safe zone for you to progress, and tackle whatever you believe needs addressing within you. Mike helped me achieve in one session what I strived to achieve on my own for years to no avail. It is astounding how easy and effortless he made it all seem. It turns out you have all the keys you need to unlock your potential; Mike simply helps you find the right one.”

– M.M.

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