“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

Dalai Lama

Hi, I am Melanie. I relieve women and children from anxiety and self-doubt by empowering them with unshakeable confidence. After seeing the effects of balancing work, motherhood and lockdowns on myself, my child and my peers, I knew there had to be a technique that could help fast and effectively. My journey began searching for this method. I studied Reiki with meditations as a healing methodology and applied it in my life. Although effective, there was something still missing. A little puzzle piece to link it all together. One day I stumbled on Hypnotherapy with fast and effective methods to establish the root cause of my anxiety. Using the tools on myself, I could see the rapid changes in my life and could not wait to share this gift with the world! Who knew things that happened to me as a child affected me as an adult today? It is now my quest to help children and their carers to be happy and anxiety free. For children to grow up to be the best adult version of themselves. I use these rapid techniques to change the neurological pathways in your brain, unlocking your full potential and being the happiest person you can be.


Children & Teens, Fertility, Pregnancy Support, Supporting Mothers with Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome, Smoking and Vaping Cessation


Australian Eastern Daylight Time – opening times vary while I am still working full time. Most sessions will run from 7pm till 12am and on weekends


30 Day Wonder Transformation

60 Day In-Depth Transformation

90 Day Ultimate Transformation


Geelong, Australia
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Offering free relaxation audio to download


Relax Mama Hypnosis
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Be The Anchor For Your Child Hypnosis
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Be Calm Sweet Child Hypnosis
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CAT (Auto-immune: Lupus ) – I was having joint pain and inflammation. During the session with Melanie, I felt that I was being listened to, not judged. She conducted our session with such compassion. After the session, my symptoms greatly improved. I have more energy and the swelling and inflammation have greatly improved. My skin issues also improved. I was able to exercise longer and I slept SOO well. The result was more than I thought I would get out of a hypnotherapy session. I admit I was a little bit sceptical at first, but Melanie blew me out of the water. I liked the fact that Melanie was so personable, compassionate and kind when I worked with her. I also liked thethe fact that she produced a recording that was unique to me. I would most definitely recommend it for any issues whether it be physical, emotional, mental, stress, or anxiety. Fantastic experience!

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