“’Your life has purpose - your story is important - your dreams count - your voice matters - you were born to make an impact.”

My life’s purpose, from a young age, has always been one of service. From my role as a Literacy Specialist working with the hardest to teach students, mentoring their teachers and lifting their achievements far beyond expectation. Then later, 26 years as a giver of Healing Light, utilising the training of Sukyo Mahikari. This has been followed by attaining Advanced Recognition with Dr Joe Dispenza’s Meditation courses, and in more recent years graduating as a Rapid Transformational Practitioner, Havening Practitioner and Emotion Code healer – My Soul Purpose in life is to heal as many souls as I can before I leave this planet, no matter their age, status or issues, utilising my gifts, my skills, my talents and the love and support of those who enter my life.


I specialise in working with teens and adults suffering low self worth, low self confidence, anxiety, trauma, and experiencing emotional and physical pain


Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm


Empowered Educators (3months)

Empowered Teens (3 months)


Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Available Online




US$450 per 30 day programme


Yes, from my home in the Bay of Plenty.


Empowered Educators
3 day retreat from my home in the Bay of Plenty


Tarot readings, Themed audios, Havening sessions


“My RTT® Session with Jo was astounding. I’m so grateful to have found her!! I have suffered from disordered eating and low self-worth for over 3 decades, a truly tough case. I’ve tried everything from CPT, countless talk therapy sessions, medication, and hypnosis sessions before discovering RTT®.

The session I had with Jo was life-changing and truly amazing! Through regression, we were able to get to the root cause of the illness by revisiting scenes from my childhood. I had no idea some of these scenes from my past had helped pave the way to form such destructive behaviour patterns in early adolescence.

Jo was so wonderfully kind, calm, and supportive through some emotional points in our session. She lovingly propped me up and kept me going on the path to better health and wellbeing.

Jo Hickman is a wonderful woman, in no uncertain terms. She has helped me achieve something I have been trying to do for too long. RTT® has changed my life forever, and I am forever grateful for having my life back. Bless you Jo.

I can sincerely recommend RTT® with Jo and know you will get the results you need to become the best version of yourself!”

– Debbie McMillan, New Zealand

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