“To save one human being is to save the entire world.”

The Talmud

My promise to you is feel good now! I’ll show you how!I’ll be there for you every step of your journey. To help you grow from your struggle and move forward to where you want to be in your life. Often clients are time starved and come for help while in pain, both physical and emotional. They want rapid results. So the first difference with RTT is it aims to deliver positive change in a single 90 minute session, although some clients and some issues will need up to 3 or more sessions. I offer packages of therapy and coaching for the best savings. My background is in social work as an employment specialist and case manager. I have also been involved in the arts as an author, musician, singer, clown and ventriloquist, and act in local theater productions. Due to being a creative entrepreneur myself, I am qualified to help other creatives with performance anxiety, confidence for speaking and auditioning, and writing and publishing their work. I also help coaches and entrepreneurs suffering from imposter syndrome gain confidence to step into their power and do the work they are meant to do. I’m looking forward to making a positive difference in your life and the lives of others for a healthier, happier world.


Imposter Syndrome
Weight Loss




10 Sessions Package includes weekly coaching
US$1,220 if paid in full there’s a 15% discount for US$1,037


Palmer, Alaska, USA
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US$185 – US$250


My ebook of The Little Coach Train That Could Because It Stopped Sabotaging Itself


Happy For No Reason Workshops

US$100 for an hour workshop with a complimentary 1/2 hour discovery call afterward

US$200 for a two hour workshop with a complimentary 1/2 hour discovery call afterward


I was interested in the idea of self hypnosis to help with my chronic low self-esteem and feelings of not being loved. The kind of things buried deep in my subconscious. Hillary took me to some scenes in my childhood and young adulthood that were key events which I based my beliefs on. Through hypnosis I am rewriting the old scripts that I learned to use as survival skills.. I use my audio recording every day sometimes twice. I am able to deeply relax, and affirm to my self that I am a very special human being worthy of love and acceptance. This daily meditation was tailored just for me and it is almost addicting! I look forward to my session every day. I enjoy so much listening to Hillary’s lovely voice, speaking wonderful words. It has only been 30 days or so since I began listening to the recording, change can be subtle, but I’ve noticed that I have been happier, more relaxed around people and a lot less anxious. I talk less shit to myself, and notice when I do I recognize it for what it is. I am definitely taking better and more loving care of myself. I am an artist so when I get my head and heart in a good space, I am more creative and less judgmental of my work. In fact, I painted a very beautiful woman and I’m proud of her – so I would recommend Hillary and RTT therapy to anyone open to feeling better, changing negative thoughts or anxiety or anything else. Hillary will uncover your needs. She is very professional and compassionate. I am impressed with RTT meditation and I would like to explore some more avenues. Thank you Hillary and yes, this has truly been a mind expanding experience.

– JV

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