“Those who have the privilege to know, have a duty to act.”

The Founder and Chief Executive of Therapy Central Helen has an extensive track record in Business, Management and IT before following her heart into Therapy.

With heart and passion for healing trauma, depression, anxiety and all that life throws at us Helen is fully committed to the TC community and their combined mission to take their healing gifts to the world.


Childhood Trauma


Wellington, New Zealand
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“Helen is a stellar woman.

She immediately created a calm, safe space for me to relax and be vulnerable. Her compassion and empathy are obvious and genuine. I dug up so much shit and felt feelings I hadn’t felt in so long, that were connected to my behavior, beliefs and feelings that were severely holding me back.

So it was a big awareness made really quickly. And then I released them in a matter of minutes.

Helen did a beautiful Healing Vortex for me during the session, focused on breathing in healing light and letting go. It was extremely powerful and freeing. Then she reinforced it in my bespoke transformational recording, along with other things that came up during the session. I absolutely love this recording and listen to it every day, sometimes twice a day. Her voice is beautiful and soothing, it really does feel like she is in the room with me, loving and guiding me to be my best version of me. I love listening to it first thing in the morning to get me set up for the day ahead.

This session has had a profound effect on my self belief, self expression and relationships in general. Helen has given me the courage I lacked to take risks and set higher goals in my business and life in general. I have achieved so much since our session. I wouldn’t have believed it before our session.

Thank you Helen, I can’t imagine life without our paths crossing. Much love and gratitude.”

– Kate, Auckland

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