Heidi Rose

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Growing up in a very strict, conservative religious family I saw many contrasts between what my family believed and what I experienced in the outside world. I felt I couldn’t connect properly to either side as I didn’t fit in with my family and I couldn’t participate fully with things my friends did.

‘I must be evil if I want to participate in ‘worldly’ activities like watching television or trying on my friend’s shorts’. I learned to be very secretive and became great at hiding my true thoughts, feelings and opinions from others in order to avoid punishment and further feelings of guilt and shame. Choosing to leave the religion was easy, though was unaware I’d carry the mental baggage of my upbringing with me. I had no concept of my own self-worth, nor did I believe that what I had to say mattered (because I was a woman)! I became a great people pleaser, desperately seeking love, acceptance and approval from anyone around me. This lead to tolerating toxic relationships, continually overextending myself and always pouring from my own cup even when it was nearly dry. Not-surprisingly, this ended in physical and emotional burnout. Having undertaken extensive work on myself, I now have healthy boundaries in my life and dramatically increased self-confidence. I now love and care for myself and allow myself to speak up assertively when required. I absolutely love my life now and love what I do! My life has purpose!It felt natural to help others after being helped so much by Rapid Transformational Therapy. Guiding others to grow and blossom into the person they have always wanted to be by harnessing their inner courage and bravery is such an honour. Is it time you started your journey of self-transformation?


Trauma and Abuse (including childhood, religious and sexual trauma), Physical Health Conditions, Anger, Confidence
Boundaries, Visibility and Having A Voice, Weight and Body, Confidence, Public Speaking


GMT+12 (New Zealand).


28 Day ‘Redirection’ Course


Christchurch, New Zealand
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“I want to thank you Heidi for our phenomenal session. You have massively upleveled my confidence and it’s had a powerful effect on all areas of my life. It has changed the way I see and express myself. I now feel empowered to do things that I previously held back on, to express myself freely and have the difficult conversations I used to avoid.You are an amazing therapist and care deeply. Your warmth, compassion and intuition was immediately evident and made me feel calm, safe and cared for. It settled any nervous feelings I had about what might come up during the session. And big s* did come up, which you dealt with beautifully, allowing me to make the connections, have the ‘aha’ moments of insight as to what was the root cause of my lack of confidence, and to make the necessary shifts in a matter of minutes. This accomplished more in a couple hours than any progress I’d made with other self-help techniques.I have lived with a lack of confidence and low self-esteem for 30 years. It has stopped me from being my true self and reaching my full potential. Now I feel calm, I am able to speak with conviction about who I am, what I do and what I want. I feel confident in my ability and am more resilient as a result. I am the happiest I have ever felt and feel like nothing will stand in the way of me fulfilling my purpose in life. Much love and gratitude.”

– K.T.

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