“Anything is possible, if you want to change, and are prepared to work with me...”

I help people to quickly overcome issues including severe depression, severe anxiety, feeling lost and without purpose, disillusioned with life. Recovery from major life events, trauma and rebuilding your life after financial, business / career, burn out, relationships or mental breakdown. Over 30 years coaching experience, first hand experience of severe depression, losing everything, and rebuilding, enables me to understand what you are going through, and how you rebuild, bigger and better.


Childhood Trauma, Complex PTSD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Confidence and General, Utilising Parts Therapy and Internal Family Systems


Currently UK 6pm to midnight
Sun to Thu,
plus some Saturdays and Sundays by request


RTT and Coaching
Package POA
One Cff RTT Session


Liverpool, United Kingdom
Available Online




I have done (goal setting, meditation, mindfulness, plus corporate).


I have my “Ultimate Goal Setting and Achievement Workshop” video recording and slide deck, and can create various material too.


Hi glen, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the change that you have made to my life in just one session of RTT. My procrastination and ADD symptoms were at an all time low and my life had changed dramatically as, after approaching a comfortable retirement, I found myself incredibly busy bringing up a two year old grandchild who had a very sad start in life. I needed every bit of strength I had and realised that it was no time for my old daydreaming reactive ways. You went above and beyond in your pre session consultation, actual session and follow up care. This was all enhanced and cemented by the personalised recording addressed to me and my future reframing. This helped me say goodbye to the root causes of my problem. I still listen to that recording daily. Far beyond the 21 days as it helps so much solidly the changes. I am busier than I’ve been in many years, but I now cope so well and people say that they don’t know how I do it all. I’m switched on and work towards a better reality for my family, especially my grandson. I am now instrumental in change and have turned a very negative situation into one that is fast becoming a positive. You have instilled in me that change doesn’t happen sitting on the couch. You have to work towards change and you’ve been highly instrumental in bringing that about Glen. I think one day, my entire family will be very grateful to you – especially my little grandson – who is starting to thrive. The change in him is miraculous. That is largely because you gave me the tools in which that could be brought about. I’m forever in your debt.

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