“The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life.”

I am Giedre (pronounced Gee-ed-reh) but most people call me GG. I live in Sweden and have previously spent time living in Spain, Lithuania and Saudi Arabia.

My vision and my practice springs from my deepest desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives and to leave a lasting impression on every person I meet. I want people to help them to reach their potential by shedding their pain, and shedding the thoughts, behaviours and actions which are holding them back. I want people – I want YOU to light up and to see that there is another, better path for you. A path that you were designed for.

So I invite you to overcome all of the limitations which have been holding you back and, through doing this, to transform your life. There is a way out. You do not need to keep doing it on your own anymore!


Sleeping Issues, Anxiety, Addictions




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Sleep Issues In The Past Audio


I found it difficult to regulate my mood over long periods of time meaning that I lived with a sense of instability that hampered my ability to be happy, productive and stay focussed on my goals.The consultation session beforehand was therapy in itself. GG created, guided and held a powerful space for me to explore the deepest conscious parts of myself and to connect with my goals and aspirations both for the session and for life.The RTT® therapy session then enabled me to connect with the root causes of my issues, examine them, re-frame them and therefore heal myself and move forwards with a solid and unshakeable confidence and drive.The follow up recording sent the following day was an invaluable tool, expertly woven together, that allowed me to keep the highly personalised themes and directives fresh in my psyche as I listened and re-listened each day.The combination of GG’s warm, insightful, encouraging and professional manner and her expert management of this cleverly created tool makes for a potent agent for deep, instantaneous positive change.Quite literally – don’t think about it. Go from your gut and dive in to this therapy with both feet. You’ll come up swimming better than ever before and thanking your lucky stars for the opportunity, the method and for GG.

– Lorraine

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