“To have a future, we need to be present today.”

I experienced the devastating loss of a sibling at a young age and carried the undealt trauma through my childhood, adolescence, and into adulthood. It caused me to make terrible life choices, and I spiraled into addiction to numb the feelings, and block out the pain and the sense of loss. I have been in recovery for 14 years, and through hypnotherapy, I can help you realize there are more positive alternatives for feeling a sense of comfort they haven’t been able to get elsewhere. Inevitably, this feeling for addicts is replaced by guilt and shame as they sober up and face the consequences of their actions. Resulting in a vicious downward spiral of repetitive self-destructive behaviors. I work with you to understand why your brain gets stuck in this cycle and how you can make the necessary, lifelong changes to rebuild your life after losing everything. I help you to get back on track, understand your triggers, and help you set clear boundaries and goals to move forward in your recovery process. I can honestly tell you from my own experience that when you are in recovery, you give yourself the best chance to be the best version of yourself every day.


Addictions, Trauma & Self-Sabotage. Loss of Sibling – the Guilt and the Grief.


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“From the first contact with Alice, I felt comfortable, and safe, and listened to assured help was at hand.

Alice guided me through the process of what it would continue to cost me in lots of ways if I didn’t go ahead with facing my issues.

After 2 sessions I gained back my confidence, my happiness, and my life. I was able to face the misery and misfortune that surrounded me and was shown the positive things in my life that were worth working on. us we close off the good things we have done or are and this is where week by week I was shown the good in me and how I can avoid hurt and pain.

I was able to recognise my past traumas and false beliefs that have been crippling me mentally for years, to see them for what they are and let them go. I am working daily on replacing them with new and positive thought patterns that have helped me put to overcome my anxieties and self-sabotaging ways of living. I have my confidence and belief in myself once again.

I have realised what it is I want from life for me and my family and it given me the strength, belief and mental tools to realise that all is achievable.

Alice explains the workings of the mind and habitual thought patterns so clearly that I could see what was holding me back from achieving.

I am, and will always be, forever grateful and always think about the cost of not living my new beliefs.”

– SS

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